October 25, 2005

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***08/03/07 UPDATE New and better StarSweeper 2.8 has been released. Delete what you have and redownload. Changes on this update: Fixes the glitch where the game gets stuck and stops playing

StarSweeper is a Stellar Sweeper cheat for use on the stellar sweeper pogo game. Run your Stellar Sweeper game and use the pogo cheat Stellar Sweeper StarSweeper to win!

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Get your game up and let 'er rip. StarSweeper will take over. You go to the kitchen and grab something cold to drink.

StarSweeper runs your Stellar Sweeper game for you on Pogo.

stellar sweeper cheat

StarSweeper has a new chat feature which allows for easier chat in your pogo game room chat. Just click Chat on your auto (while it is running):
stellar sweeper pogo game

And type in the chat box what you want to say. When you are done, click Send and it will send it right into your pogo game chat!

To try StarSweeper for free, click here





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